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Using Research to Identify Purchase Logic

Customers and prospects will not tell you what their Purchase Logic is. In some measure this is because they do not know themselves. However, they also cannot be expected to take the time required to try. They are busy with their own businesses and lack the incentive to worry at length about how you could serve them better than your competitors. The lion's share of the work therefore rests on your shoulders.

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The Five Rules for Reliable Marketing Research

The purpose of customer research is to develop new knowledge about a market. In order to do this, surveys must be designed to gather accurate, reliable data about customer preferences. Then, the collected data must be tabulated so that it reveals information and analyzed to produce new insights.

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Matthew Holmresearch
How to Identify Market Segments That Want Your Product or Service

Segmentation is a way to understand your market. Segmentation divides a market into distinct groups of customers that want a product or service and explains why they want it. A segment is a group of customers who exhibit the same buying behavior and seek the same benefits from a product or service. We refer to these shared characteristics as "purchase logic."

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Key Issues to Cover in a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a request for funds and a commitment to deliver specific amounts of revenue, unit volume and profit in return. The acceptance or rejection of a marketing plan is based on the analysis, reasoning and inventiveness of the proposed actions. Fact-based support (marketing research or test market data) is the key to building a good marketing plan.

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